Lucid has developed and implemented a number of solutions for NDT in the Nuclear industry.

These include

1) Kovid iMaV for Inspection Planning and Data Visualization
2) Reactor Pressure Vessel Inspection Data Analysis
3) Advanced R & D program with the Electric Power Research Institute


The significant growth in Aircraft Manufacturing led by demand for Air Travel has created new opportunities for the NDE industry. The increasing use of Digital Radiography in manufacturing has made this a ripe case for implementation of Assisted or Automated Defect Recognition. Lucid has significant experience in this domain and have developed ADR for X ray inspection data for

1) Swaged Joints
2) Seam Welded Tubes
3) Brazed Joints
4) Castings
In addition Lucid has developed solution for analysis of UT data of composites

Oil and Gas

Lucid has developed a number of solutions catering to the Oil and Gas industry. A primary focus of the industry is to identify and treat corrosion of both linear ( pipelines) and non-linear ( storage tanks). Lucid solution for storage tank inspection was developed with a robotics company.

1) Corrosion Mapping
2) Weld Inspection

Lucid also has developed tools for visualizing inspection data on pipelines and module can be integrated with Pipeline Integrity Management systems